Church History

Old church small

Evangelical United Church of Christ was the first Protestant church established in Tell City. We have a rich history and heritage rooted in this community and a mission to reflect the image of Christ in our community today and in future generations.

In Tell City’s early days, protestant church-goers traveled three miles to Cannelton to worship, at a time when that meant using horses or walking on foot. In good weather it could be a pleasurable trip, but clearly there was a need for a church in Tell City. A few local residents first began planning our church in January of 1866, and the completed building was dedicated on June 7, 1868 at the church’s present location on the corner of 10th and Jefferson Streets.


The parent organization of our early church, the Evangelical Synod, joined with the Reformed Church in 1934 and our congregation became known as the Evangelical and Reformed Church. You may occasionally still hear us referred to around town as the “E&R” church, but our story didn’t stop there.

In 1954, in the spirit of building on what unites Christians rather than what separates us from one another, the United Church of Christ was formed from several denominations including our own. Some of the things that drew these particular denominations together include a shared commitment to freedom of worship and doing God’s work in our community.

Today the Evangelical United Church of Christ congregation is re-envisioning itself with expanding programs sparked by a committed congregation and led by a vibrant young pastor.