There are many opportunities to learn at Evangelical United Church of Christ.  Every opportunity is open for anyone to join.

Children’s Sunday School

Every Sunday during the school year, all children from kindergarten to sixth grade are invited to join in Sunday School after the Time with Youth in the worship service.  Classes meet for the remainder of the worship time in the Small World Room.

Junior/Senior High Bible Study

Every Sunday during the school year, youth in junior and senior high meet in the Senior High room to discuss passages from the bible and how to interact with them on a daily basis.  The class starts at 9 A.M.

Adult Bible Study

Every Sunday before worship, all are invited to join the study group in Fellowship Hall.  Lay led, this group often discusses historical perspectives on bible stories and how they relate to modern events.  Discussion starts at 9 A.M with coffee, juice, and donuts.

Beyond Worship

Every Sunday after worship, a group meets to discuss the morning’s worship.  A key focus of this group is for people to identify and share what elements of worship spoke to them, and what elements will remain with them throughout the week.  The group meets in Fellowship Hall around 11:30 A.M., following Coffee Time.

Finding Faith

Every Wednesday night, a group meets too discuss elements of popular culture and how they relate to our daily lives.   By relating videos, TV shows, movies, music, poetry, and art to Sunday scriptures, our discussions dive deep to see ways we can find faith in everything around us.  The group meets in Fellowship Hall at 7 P.M.