Frequently Asked Questions

Your First Visit

We have all experienced the uncertainty of visiting a church for the first time. EUCC is a spiritual home to people from all walks and stations of life, believers and questioners, people from a range of backgrounds and faith perspectives, who come together to worship God, become more like Jesus, and serve God’s creation. We’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions here, but there is no better way to get to know us than to join us on a Sunday morning.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, in-person services and events are currently suspended. Weekly services are posted on our Facebook Page at 10:00 a.m. Central Time on Sundays. Join us then or at any time that’s convenient for you. If you’d rather watch videos on YouTube, we also offer recordings of our past services on our YouTube channel. We hope that you find the rest of our FAQ to be helpful, and please keep in mind that although not everything mentioned here is currently offered, we hope to return to full operation as COVID-19 permits.


What do you believe?
Our church members share a variety of beliefs. You can learn more about our different faith perspectives here.


Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are always welcome here. Although we cannot yet say that we are officially open and affirming of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions, we are in the process of discernment as a congregation and hope to qualify in the future.


When is worship?
Worship services are held every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Central time in our beautiful, spacious sanctuary.  We suggest you arrive approximately 10 minutes early to give yourself time to park and find a seat. COVID-19 NOTICE: In-person services are currently suspended.


Where are you located?
Our address is 802 – 10th Street, at the corner of 10th and Jefferson Streets in Tell City, Indiana.  The main entrance to the sanctuary is on 10th Street.  There is a ramp to the left side of the main entrance, or a few steps up to the main door.


Where is Fellowship Hall?
Fellowship Hall is located on the far left of the building as you approach the church from 10th Street.  The entrance to Fellowship Hall is at ground level for easy access by everyone.


What should I wear?
Wear whatever feels right for you.  You’ll notice that on any given Sunday some people dress in their “Sunday best” while others prefer much more casual clothing.


Where do I park?
We have ample parking on the street, in the parking lot across 10th Street from the front of the church or in the parking lot beside Fellowship Hall.


Will someone greet me when I arrive?
Yes!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been coming to EUCC for decades or this is your first visit – we always have someone there to say hello to everyone who visits the church each Sunday.


How long does worship last?
Approximately one hour. 


Where should I sit?
We have open seating everywhere, including the main floor and balcony.  Please find a seat that is comfortable for you.


What can I expect?
Our worship service is a mixture of music, prayer, scripture and preaching that reflects our traditions and speaks to current issues in the world and in our lives.   You can learn more about worship here.


What about children in church?
Children are an important part of EUCC.  We usually have a Children’s Bulletin and there are activity bags available in the Narthex for children to use during worship if they like to keep busy.  There are also several boxes of “quiet toys” for our youngest saints located under the Sanctuary front pews on the left side of the church.  Every Sunday, about 20 minutes into the service, children are invited to sit with the pastor at the front of the church during our “Time With The Youth” message.  At the end of the message, children are invited to return to their parents in the pews.  You are also welcome to accompany your child if that makes your child feel more comfortable.  We just want you to know that even though your child is invited to everything, they should feel free to participate in all of it, some of it, or none of it!  Children are always more than welcome to stay with you during the service.


Is there childcare?
We currently do not offer childcare during our service but we do have a nursery available if you need a quiet place to take your child for a diaper change or a calming story.  Our nursery may be accessed through the door to the left of the pulpit in the Sanctuary.  Continue up the steps and turn right to find the nursery at the end of the hall on the right.


Where are your bathrooms?
Handicap accessible restrooms are located at the back of Fellowship Hall and in the Narthex (lobby) of the Sanctuary.  Enter Fellowship Hall through the left-most doors facing 10th Street (farthest from the corner as you face the church).  Turn left to enter the hall, then turn right and go to the back of the hall.  Other restrooms are located in the Narthex (lobby) of the church and outside the door to the left of the pulpit in the Sanctuary.


Are you wheelchair accessible?
The Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and Church Office are accessible, as are the bathrooms in Fellowship Hall. 


Do you have listening or vision assistance?
We have assisted listening devices and large print bulletins for those that need them; the ushers can help you with those.


What other activities do you offer?

What educational opportunities are available through the church?
We send out weekly announcements and our monthly newsletter by email. Want to subscribe? Drop us a line at


Do you have a choir?
Not currently, but we have a long tradition of choral music and hope to resume in the future.


What else is going on?
Check our calendar for upcoming events.


Where is…?

Where are the offices?
During business hours (9:00-12:00 pm and 1:00-3:00 pm, Monday-Thursday), enter from Jefferson Street.  The main church office is to your right.


Where do I go to borrow health care equipment?
You can visit the office during business hours to borrow hospital equipment.  You can read more about borrowing health care equipment here.


Where is Tots Lots Preschool?
Access to Tots Lots Preschool is located on the second floor of Fellowship Hall located on 10th Street.  There is a sign on the door.  Tots Lots is not handicap accessible.  Tots Lots Preschool is not affiliated with any church.


How do I get more involved?

What opportunities are there for me to be more active in the church?
We have a variety of teams that support church life in various ways.  Are you creative?  Technically savvy?  Great with kids?  All of the above?  If you want to get more involved in church life, contact the church office for more information.


How do I become a member?
Membership at EUCC is an important commitment.  Membership classes offer an opportunity to explore your own faith journey and integrate yourself into the life of the church. Please talk with our pastor if you are interested in membership.


What does membership mean?
Membership is a commitment to make EUCC your church home and get more involved.  Membership gives you the opportunity to hold leadership positions and vote on congregational issues such as calling a pastor, setting the budget and shaping the direction of the congregation.


What if I’m not ready to become a member?
Members and non-members alike can be as involved as they want to in the life of the church; only voting and being elected to church office are reserved for members.  We will never require you to join or be involved beyond your capacity; it will always be your free choice.


Do you have a Safe Church Policy?

Do you have a Safe Church Policy?
EUCC is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in which all people can learn about and experience God’s Love.  In order to promote this goal we have created a Safe Church Policy that took effect on 1/1/2017.  All paid staff and volunteers who work with minors are required to read and understand the policy and complete the forms included in the Safe Church Policy.pdf file.  Printed copies are available in the back of the sanctuary.


What if I have more questions?

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us by email at or call us at 812-547-7059.  Better yet, stop by the office Monday-Thursday 9-12 or 1-3 and introduce yourself.  We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better. NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the church office is closed to the public except by appointment to access home healthcare equipment.