Hymn Sing

On June 7th, our worship service will be dedicated to a hymn sing. We will celebrate the joyful noise we all make with wonderful music throughout the service. We invite you to be a part of this service by helping us decide which hymns to sing. Below are a few questions* for you to answer, and you can send them in by emailing them to the church, putting them in the offering plate on Sunday morning, or dropping them by the church office throughout the week. Answer as many or as few of the questions as you like, and we will use the survey responses to craft our service that Sunday. Include all kinds of music, whether they be found in the hymnal, in your own music collection, in a memory from long ago, or on the radio station today. Make sure to get your responses in by Monday, June 1st.

What music speaks to your soul?
What music connects you to God?
What music tell you about Jesus?
What music brings out the Holy Spirit in you?
What music lifts your spirits?
What music got you through a dark night of the soul?
What music gives you courage?
What music sends you from worship refreshed?
What music feeds you during communion?
What are your three favorite pieces of music not already mentioned?

*Questions taken from and inspired by Worship for Vital Congregations, by Talitha Arnold, an excellent book you can purchase here.

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