Welcome to worship at Evangelical UCC!

We gather at 10 A.M. on Sunday morning to celebrate and worship together.  Our service is built around a traditional worship experience, but draws upon a number of elements from a diverse background as well.  Each Sunday worship service includes time for music, prayer, reflection, blessing, thanksgiving, and giving back.  Our liturgist each week helps lead us through the service, while the pastor offers thoughts, reflections and prayers throughout.

Though our worship is traditional, we are by no means formal.  Many church members dress up for Sunday service, while many others wear what is most comfortable for them.  Some Sundays we sing our most cherished hymns, while others find us singing new songs for a new age.  Children are always welcome in our service, as we have a special time for youth during worship and Christian Education classes are held for the young and young at heart each Sunday.  

Everyone is welcome to take communion at Evangelical UCC.  We serve communion on the first and third Sunday of each month.  The first Sunday communion is a traditional setting of passing the bread and cup separately, while the third Sunday communion is served through intinction, the practice of dipping bread into the cup.  Bread and wafers are available for each communion service, and grape juice is always used so that more may participate faithfully in communion.

After worship, you are invited to join us in the Narthex to visit and connect more deeply.