Meet our team!

Rev. Mark McDaniel is our interim pastor while our congregation searches for a settled pastor.

Pastor Mark brings us experience as both a settled pastor and an interim pastor. He earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  Pastor Mark was chosen as our interim pastor for his skills in assisting EUCC to assess how we want to proceed going forward on our faith journey.

In February 2024, Gregory became a fulltime staff member of EUCC. His new role encompasses a few new areas.  He will continue as the music director, as he has for the past year, and will assume the office manager role along with Programming Coordinator, where he will assist with managing new and ongoing projects for the church.

Gregory has worked for the church, primarily in the Roman Catholic tradition, in different capacities for many years, most recently returning to Perry County from Louisville, KY.

Deana is our custodian extraordinaire!  Full of energy and enthusiasm, Deana leaves all of the spaces in our church and buildings in pristine condition.  We are lucky to have her!